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Information on Government 24-hour Curfew Guidelines

State of Emergency

24 Hour Curfew imposed from April 2 to April 9, 2020


• The government of Antigua and Barbuda has declared a State of Emergency to curb the spread of the Coronavirus – COVID 19. • A 24-Hour curfew from Thursday, April 2 from 12:01 a.m. (immediately after midnight Wednesday) to Thursday, April 9, 2020 has been imposed. This time period will be reviewed and may be extended. • There will be no movement during the day by non-essential workers • Essential workers and others should continue to practice social distancing of six feet between persons • Persons are confined to their places of residence during the 24-Hour curfew hours • The protocols will change as the government reviews the situation with the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Essential Services permitted to operate during State of Emergency ● Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (to include Fire Service) ● Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force ● Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) ● Customs Department and ancillary staff to include freight forwarders ● Immigration Department ● Emergency Medical Services and E-911 Services ● State Media and other Broadcasting Services ● Her Majesty’s Prison ● Air Traffic Control Service ● Metrological Services ● Social Security Scheme ● Care Givers e.g. nurses, orderlies, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and pharmacy workers ● Antigua Public Utilities Authority and any other utility/water providers ● Assigned Volunteers ● Air and Sea Port Workers (Administration and other staff) ● Security Personnel (public and private) ● National Office of Disaster Services ● Medical and Paramedical Professions/ Pharmaceutical Companies/Pharmacies ● Removal, handling or burial of deceased persons ● National Solid Waste Management Authority and all other departments for the collection, storage, treatment, and disposal of sewage, garbage, refuse or disposal of dead animals ● Telecommunications providers ● Transportation Services to include LIAT 1974 Ltd. (Bus operators are to adequately protect themselves and patrons) ● Brokers and shipping agents ● Emergency Construction workers ● Fuel Manufactures/Distributors (WIOC, RUBIS etc.)

Select businesses will be allowed to operate between the recommended hours with strict adherence to the established social distancing regime. These businesses shall operate between the hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Only 2 persons are allowed in private vehicles and must have valid reasons for being in public)

• Fish and Meat Markets, Abattoirs • Vegetable and Livestock Farmers/Agricultural produce vendors • Food Distributors/Supermarkets/Community Shops/Bakeries/Wholesalers • Critical Cleaning Services, Sanitation workers • Gas Stations • Wholesalers, Grocery Stores, Community Shops • Authorized Delivery Services of Essential Items (meals, groceries, medicine, water, fuel) • Hotels/Villas & Ancillary Staff (gaming rooms, spas, gyms, tennis courts and any other recreational services provided by hotels are not allowed. In-room dining only) • Private Doctors/Veterinarians • Critical Construction (BHM, Meridien Construction and CCECC)

➢ Critical Government Ministries/Statutory Bodies will operate under the instructions of the Permanent Secretaries/Directors/Chairpersons ➢ Government employees are recommended to take vacation leave where possible ➢ All courts will function under the guidance of the Chief Justice/Chief Magistrate

Important instructions: ● Under the State of Emergency, persons must remain in the confines of their homes ● Churches are closed ● Funerals to be conducted in cemeteries with a maximum of ten mourners ● Weddings are suspended ● No social events whatsoever, to include birthday and anniversary celebrations are permitted ● Mount St. John Medical Centre will operate under new restrictions ● General public is not permitted at areas designated as quarantine centres or homes where persons are under self-quarantine ● Prison is closed to visitations ● All Schools remain closed until otherwise advised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology ● Visitation to Senior Citizens homes are not permitted ● UNDER THE STATE OF EMERGENCY REGULATIONS, PERSONS IN CONTRAVENTION ARE LIABLE TO PAY A FINE OF $5, 000 OR TO IMPRISONMENT FOR SIX MONTHS OR TO BOTH FINE AND IMPRISONMENT THE POLICE AND DEFENCE FORCES WILL BE ON PATROL TO ENFORCE THE PROTOCOLS OF THE STATE OF EMERGENCY. For more information or to submit queries, email

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