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Visa Requirements


For Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda the following requirements apply:


United States Citizens traveling on valid passports do not require a visa to enter Antigua and Barbuda on holiday or business.


Persons visiting are permitted to stay as long as their business takes, provided that:

a) this is no longer than six months

b) they possess a passport with a minimum of six months validity from their date of departure

c) they have an onward or return ticket

d) they have confirmation of accommodation

e) they can produce evidence of their ability to maintain themselves in Antigua and Barbuda




Persons travelling to Antigua and Barbuda who are required to have a visa to enter and are in possession of a current US visa or US Permanent Resident card, Canadian Visa or Canadian Permanent Resident card, EU Schengen Visa, UK Visa or UK Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) valid for a minimum of six months may be permitted to proceed with their scheduled trip; upon arrival the passenger can present the necessary documents and may obtain a visa on arrival at a cost of US$100.


For more details please contact:


Applicants eligible for a VOA can no longer apply at the Consulate General for a visa.




Please click here to apply for an eVisa (note payment is accepted by MasterCard only)








eVisa FAQs

Please note that the citizens of the following countries DO NOT REQUIRE a visa for entry into Antigua and Barbuda:







Citizens of Countries which do not appear on the above lists, require a visa.


Please note that the citizens of the following Commonwealth countries DO REQUIRE a visa for entry into Antigua and Barbuda:



The Gambia





Sierra Leone

Sri Lanka


Cruise ship visitors who would normally require a visa would not require one provided that they arrive in Antigua and Barbuda in the morning and depart the same evening.


‘In-transit’ passengers traveling within the same day, who normally require a visa, do not need a visa for entry into Antigua and Barbuda, provided that they have proof of their onward journey, and they do not leave the ‘controlled space’ of the airport.





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