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Applying for Citizenship


Requirements for application of citizenship

  • Applicants can apply via descent through parent or grandparent. 

  • Applicants attempting to obtain citizenship via marriage must be married to a national of Antigua & Barbuda for three (3) years or more and must provide proof that their marriage is intact.

  • Persons can apply for citizenship if they have been resident in Antigua & Barbuda for seven (7) continuous years and can prove so

Please see the list of Antigua and Barbuda overseas missions, consulates and embassies to determine the office nearest to you to obtain further information or submit an application.




Please note that all applicants are subject to a background search to verify the information submitted (for example, names published in local newspaper for others to identify whether there is cause to deny applicant citizenship; if applicant has sufficient means to support his/herself once granted citizenship, etc.)

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